The Government Lies

Advertisement #1

Imagine if you seen this on the streets everyday.

Analysis of Anti-War Ad

My advertisement is aimed at all audiences that think that war is a negative part of life. The focused audience would be parents. The advertisement is made in hopes of appealing to the parents emotions and potray the idea that their kid could be in danger if war continues. I hope to cause a critical analysis of war and if it is a necessity of life. The advertisement would hopefully cause people to fear the possibility of their children being harmed in a war. When we are at war in other countries it is easy to overlook the atrocities that happen as a result of war. The main points achieved in this advertisement are striking the emotion of human beings by showing the bad things that can happen to children in war-zones, and ingrain the thought that your child can be a victim of war if wars are not stopped. The main ad scheme is using graphic footage and children mixed with rhetoric that will hopefully persuade Americans to be reluctant to go to war and encourage peace. The color scheme was not too important because the image itself can get the message across to the reader. The text color used was red, I feel red is a color that is associated with fear. The rhetoric itself appeals to fathers in one advertisement and the other advertisement appeals to parents, grandparents, or anyone who has compassion for children. The method of the advertisement I chose was saying it’s a message from the Ad-Council, but I sprayed the Ad-Council’s logo red to maybe refer the message be from the Alternative Ad-Council. I think that the Ad-Council should be responsible for countering some of the commercials and print advertisements that lead Americans to murder or be murdered. The main attraction of the advertisements is the images ability to appeal to the emotions of the reader. I think that the advertisement’s weakness is that it’s a utopian idea that will most likely never be used as an advertisement. The United States views war as profitable and a non profit government ran organization would never be allowed to promote anti-war commercials. Anti-War commercials would not get play time on television networks either because of media’s loyalty to the federal government. Strength of the advertisement lays in the image itself and the rhetoric used to gain sympathy for war victims and eliminate Americans apathy for war. Strength of the advertisement is engaging emotions by showing atrocities of war or graphic images of injured children as consequence of war.


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