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Video Games and Cell Phones: Slave to technology!



I was eight years old when I received my first life changing technology and that was a Super Nintendo. I instantly fell in love with video games, playing them anytime I had free. Video games opened the door to let my mind imagine different fantasy worlds. I would play video games right after school and only take a break to eat dinner, continuing my video game right after I cleaned my plate. I am an avid sports fanatic and I would love to play sports games, playing two seasons in one night and winning the championships. I remember times when I would play a video game all night and just go to school without sleep. I would play games like football, baseball, basketball, soccer, Super Mario Brothers, etc. I have owned numerous different video game consoles, Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, Nintendo 64, Sony Playstation, and Sony Playstation 2. I plan to buy the Sony Playstation 3 in the near future. These consoles throughout time have been my babysitter and at some points it was the main interest of my life. I feel in a way that I have formed an addiction towards video games. I found myself playing video games and not doing homework for school, growing up. The problem still exists for me however, still playing video games sometimes putting off my college schoolwork. I find myself committing to only play one game, but then playing three or four games, or committing to only an hour of playing instead, leading to play three or four hours. Video Games have helped keep me entertained, but it has led to me being overweight and out of shape, because of the lack of physical activity. Video games have altered the way I live, and changing this lifestyle has been tougher than I have ever imagined. I find myself always falling back to video games as my crutch in life. Video games have caused me to be delinquent handing in assignments, late for important events. The influence of videogames has been a positive and negative influence on my life. The knowledge of knowing how to play a video game can help social interactions or social acceptation and it can help you to better your mental capacity. Forming any kind of addiction or dependence on any material thing is not a good thing for anyone, but unfortunately happens too many in a capitalist mindset.

The other technological device that has most influenced my life is the cell phone. Cell phones rule the world nowadays, with some people not even having land lines anymore and only having cell phones. I find myself not enjoying and somewhat hating having a cell phone. The odd circumstance being that when I am without my cell phone I feel like I am going to die. I get anxiety thinking that I need my cell phone on me at all times. Cell phones have many capabilities nowadays being your scheduler, alarm clock, video game player, internet access, etc., leaving no wonder of why people feel they need their cell phone on them at all times.

The dependence I have for my cell phone and for video games have caused me to question whether I may be a true slave of technology? Slave is defined as being dominated by an influence or person, but I think that it should also say thing in its definition. Having an addiction to material things like cell phones and video games, can be viewed as being a slave of technology; I feel that when you are altering your life for certain technological creations you become dependent and may not be able to live without that technology again. This argument alone can constitute a sense of slavery. An absolute dependence on technology limits a human’s intellectual growth without technology and keeps humans dependent on the technology. The limit of human intellectual growth being based on the dependence that the human has on technology and only furthering intellectual growth based on the use of technology makes humans slaves of their own technological creations. This is evident, when you ask people nowadays to solve mathematical equations without a calculator, or for them to type a paper without a computer. Technology is all around us and we need to acknowledge that in order to better our intellectual basis that we need to still know how to live life without using technology for everything. Technology in a lot of ways just creates shortcuts for people to get jobs done faster. The problem isn’t the effectiveness or timely manner that technology has helped in job production, but the problem occurs when the masses can’t do the job the old way before technological advances were available. Human intellect is then only limited to the technology that was created, because of the lack of knowledge of what to do when technology fails.



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